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Advantage boatshare        Shares For Sale


This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




To place an advert to sell your share in a boat please start on the main boatshare web site HERE

You have tried using that form an hit a snag.

In which case you are welcome to use this form BUT I do suggest you have THIS PAGE (opens new tab) open to refer to when completing the boxes

Please note if there is an existing advert for your boat

and you are happy with it you do not need to answer the questions
with a RED
X against them. Otherwise ALL sections should be completed.


Name of your boat
Your full name including surname
Your e-mail address
Your FULL address
Telephone Number
Do you want your phone number to appear on your advert  
Is there a page already for your boat?  
Mooring Location for your boat
(Required answer every time - boats move!)
Just stick to the address of the marina please.
Managed or private scheme? X
If managed by whom? X
Number of shareholders X
(BUT by example if one person owns three x 12th shares it is still 12!)
Year of construction X
Length of the boat IN FEET X
Beam (ignore if narrow boat) X
Engine (if known - and age?) X
Builder of boat (and steel if different) X
Sleeping Berths X
If fixed beds then "make-up" beds state, say, 2 + 4
If not a narrow boat sell us more about it. E.G. Dutch Barge, GRP Cruiser etc. X
Change over day each week, e.g. Friday, Saturday etc. X
Is the boat designated "Pet Free" X
Is smoking allowed INSIDE the boat X
How are the bookings arranged?  X

PLEASE just stick to the facts. Do not mention and school holidays options here.

Do any shares have school holiday priority? X

If some shares have a special option to guarantee school holidays state how many and how this is arranged here. There MUST be a CLEARLY DEFINED system in place to say YES. Getting school weeks by exchanging with others after, say, a draw is not a system.

Adding a video

If you want to add a video for your boat just say so here and I will get back to you on it.

Please describe the boat from one end to the other (2500 characters max)  X

e.g. Starting at the semi-trad rear deck....down the stairs to the main bedroom with fixed double...
All sections below must be completed
Shareholding, e.g. 12th, 8% etc.
Holiday ENTITLEMENT each year

 e.g. I get a guaranteed three weeks plus options on a fourth (etc....)

Price (In £'s Sterling)
The price is the price, ONO, OFFERS etc. NOT allowed
Pre booked weeks with the share.

Please give EXACT DATE inc the YEAR. You CANNOT alter these once the advert is written.
If none state none.

Reason for selling
School Holiday Option
Annual running costs

Please state how much THIS YEAR your running costs are per month or per year

Not the average over the last 5 years THIS year's running costs (or next) are required please.

Transfer of running costs.

Please pick one option and expand comments in the box below if required.
You MUST select one of the options below

If you wish please expand on how YOU EXPECT TO BE
PAID or REFUNDED regarding the running costs.
General comments (if any)
Nearly there!!  

Please agree to the following;-

You agree that: Any material submitted by you is your own, has not been copied off or taken from any other web site without permission (etc.), you agree that may retain it for future use in any way it sees fit and you hand over copyright to any pictures or words.

(Which means in a nutshell we may use YOUR pictures and words to sell other people's shares in years to come if we feel it it still appropriate and up to date)

I understand that for any changes I wish to make I have to write from the e-mail address I have used to place the advert and that I cannot change the e-mail address on it (or phone number), nor can I change any pre-booked weeks I have sent in.

I understand that once a share or PART OF MY SHARE has been sold to re-word the advert will involve a fee along the lines of renewing it even if the sale did not come from the advert on boatshare.

I understand that boatshare will circulate the details of my share around any mailing list ONCE ONLY after the advert goes live on the site and that should I want any subsequent mail shots doing a further fee is payable. (At our discretion we may also post details to social media pages on your behalf).
Please agree to the statement above  
Any general messages to boatshare?
How are you probably going to pay?

Your advert will not be written until you have paid,
and once written no refunds are offered
Are you going to send in any pictures?

Details of how to do this will appear on the next page

Now Hit Submit below... be taken to the page where you will be asked about
pictures and also can be advised how to pay for your advert