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Warning about 12 volt



If you require a set to work on 24 volts (e.g. for a lorry), would like extra viewing time on your TV from your batteries (12 or 24 volt) or you would like to protect your TV set from damage that can be caused from low (or high) voltages then you should buy our regulator.

There are two versions of it. Both are 12 . 30 volts INPUT and 12 volts OUTPUT. The only difference is the style of plug that goes in to your TV set. Just click on the image below that is the type you require.

Please note they are ONLY 20 including UK carriage.

Click below on the model you want to purchase

This adaptor has the more common round plug fitting

This adaptor has the slightly more unusual 4 pin plug fitting




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Caravan tv

Caravan TV 12 volt TV