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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




Sorry this page is a bit "loud" as people don't seem to bother reading it and keep asking me the same question time and time again.


Please note the most frequent reason why people write to me concerns picking up an old advert/template to write a new advert and thus re-use it.

The answer to this question, and many others, are on the FAQ page.

Should you write and ask this question you will simply be directed there....

You cannot PLACE and advert for a share for sale via e-mail
these can ONLY be placed via the forms, starting HERE


You can contact in two ways.


But really you should find the answer to most questions on the FAQ page - honest. Quicker to look there really.


However, as we are basically a web site - e-mail is by far far far the best way.

If you wish to pay by cheque for an order this can be done on every item, but sometimes people lose "general" payment information - so if this is the case then this page may help . We do not accept credit card payments over the telephone.


If you are looking to advertise a share for sale click here

Method Information Comments

Before you e-mail see if the answer to any question in on the FAQ page, especially the one about listing a share for sale and using an old page (see note below)

By far the best method, mail is checked hourly almost every day (holidays away from my desk excluded. If e-mails get retuned due to server issues try 
By telephone, but the phone is never answered and manned by a machine. Please note it is mainly used for a music venue I run, so the message is a bit odd!! 020 8707 2256 The number is manned by a machine and is for another web site I own, but messages will get through. Phone is answered as "Tropic At Ruislip"

I would stress that e-mail is best

Note re e-mails: The anti-spam filter on boatshare is a bit keen - if your mail comes back do not be offended and try instead




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