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Thank you for considering taking an advert on to sell you share.

An advert costs £50 for 12 months or until share is sold, whichever comes first.

Before you go to the form you need to complete please read the following very carefully.


If you are selling a share in a
boat that is seagoing please go to this page
(Opens new window)

If you are selling a share in a boat run by a
management company please go to this page

(Opens new window)


Whatever kind of boat you are selling it is suggested you join our mailing list so you can read what I might say about it!

Your advert will be for 12 months or until we hear the share has been sold.


Once placed the e-mail address on it (or phone number) cannot be changed.

The pre-booked weeks shown can only be altered by way of adding weeks/dates for a subsequent year.

All communication regarding your advert MUST come from
the same e-mail address as the one it was placed from.

If you are selling say two shares, or a large share you might also split
(say 1/6th or split 2 x 12th) or you are in a fixed week scheme read this page (opens new window)

As a general rule I do not allow comparisons to other boats/shares and
"patronising" or "emotional" comments. e.g. "Why hire when this is only...." etc.

If you have a question before you start look in the green box below.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot place an advert by e-mail. The ONLY way to place an advert is via the form linked below, and by ONLY I mean ONLY
(even if you only want to change a few words on an existing advert to make it suitable, you still have to fill out the form)

To place your advert click here

Links below will open a new window on your browser, return here to carry on.

I want to pick up an existing page to use as a template for my advert.

How can I tell if there is a previous listing I can just alter for my advert?

I have a question before I start that is not one of the above.






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