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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




Advertise your share for sale.

Note: You cannot place an advert by way of an e-mail.
You MUST use the form but it will only take five minutes!

All you need to do to place a featured advert for your share for sale is to complete the following form, just make sure you complete all the sections. After hitting the submit button at the bottom you will directed to a page requesting you to send pictures and finally a payment option page, where cheque, bank transfer or credit card options are available. 

Advertising is just £50.00 for one year

(Less than £1 per week!)

Now, see if there is a template for your boat.
See instructions immediately below.

Check here
(Link opens new window) to see if there is already a previous advert for your boat,
 if there is and you think it is OK then the answers to a lot of questions can be omitted.
(Check here if boat is based outside England)

There is almost certainly an existing page for your boat written already, so do check carefully

Look in the PINK column for the word "yes". If there is a page already you do
not need to answer the questions below marked with a pink X.

Before you compete the form I suggest you read this (new window)

The first section is about you, the vendor
































This form does NOT work


To start with please insert here the name of the craft you own a share in







(It is suggested if you write any long, wordy, sections you hang on to a copy in say Word in case the form crashes!)

Your e-mail address -
this will be linked so potential purchasers may contact you.


Note: You will only be able to make any subsequent alterations
 or cancel your advert from this e-mail address.

Your full name, not shown on the site


Your address not shown on the site.
Your full postal address including post code MUST be provided.  


Your telephone number (required).


Do you want your phone number to appear in the adverts as a contact option?

'Phone number to appear on web site? 

State YES or NO


Now, section two, about your boat.........

Applications typed in CAPITALS will be returned for re-typing!

Look in the PINK column for the word "yes" here. If there is a page for your boat already
and you are happy with it you need not answer the questions below marked with a pink X.

If an answer on an existing page on the web site you are picking up is correct
do NOT cut and paste it in here, just ignore the question.

Is there already a page about your boat in the craft section?

Almost all shares offered now have a page already, so do look CAREFULLY

(If there is and it is OK you need not answer the questions marked X below.)

Required answer.


If you are happy with the existing page please do NOT copy the existing text in to your own answers.

If something is to be changed start the section with "NEW" and then add your own words


Type of scheme e.g. commercial or private X


If commercial state management company X


Nominal number of shareholders to boat X


Year of construction (approx. if not known) X


Length of craft X


Beam, (ignore if narrow boat) X


Engine type (if known!) X


Builder of boat (steel + fit) if known X


Sleeping berths (if beds convert from furniture state as 2 + ?) X


If not a narrow boat please give more details about the style and type of boat X

Where is the boat moored.


JUST the name and address of the marina


Required answer

Change over day each week X
Is the boat pet free Tick ONLY if boat IS pet free
Is the boat deemed "No Smoking" Tick ONLY if the boat IS "No Smoking"

How are the bookings arranged? (e.g. fixed weeks, draw, round robin etc.) Be specific and give detail.
The way the weeks are booked is very important to most people.


(You CANNOT state here that the share you are selling is one with school holiday option, or not etc.)

Add comments like "friendly group always exchanging weeks, we usually manage.... etc." to the comments section NOT HERE

School holiday systems etc. covered in the next box

Unlimited typing space!

If you want to write a lot why not type it in to a word document and cut and paste your comments here?

Please no NOT state here how your own personal bookings panned out, if you do they will NOT be included.

State only the SYSTEM for booking. (Former OwnerShips customers might like to look at SOLONG (link opens new window) and copy and amend the comments there....)


Within the above booking system are special arrangements entered in to for those requiring school holidays? If so give details. Unlimited typing space. X

(You CANNOT state here that the share you are selling is one with school holiday option, or not etc.)

(You CANNOT state here that the share you are selling is one with school holiday option, or not etc. that goes below JUST THE SYSTEM EMPLOYED)


Adding a Video. If you have a video of your boat and wish us to host it on YouTube (or have put it up there yourself and wish us to link to it) please give details in the box opposite. When you are asked to send pictures please attach your video to an e-mail if you would like us to host it.

Unlimited typing space. X


Use the box opposite to write a "walk through" of the boat. Do NOT state things like "new" as if what you type is re-used in three years time it will not be "new" anymore. So state things like....

Starting at the rear is the cruiser stern where each side of the back doors the gas bottles are stored, dropping down the steps you enter the rear bedroom where there is a fixed double bed with en-suite loo....etc. etc.

Do NOT state things like "we use the coal fire all the time as it keeps us snug and warm in winter", just stick to facts, you can add comments like that lower down.

Unlimited typing space. X

If you want to write a lot why not type it in to a word document and cut and paste your comments here?

Do NOT add here anything that is date specific e.g. New fridge 2017, add that info in the general comments section if required.




About your share......

All sections should be completed.

Shareholding in boat that is offered
(e.g. 12th, 8%, 25%, 2 weeks etc.)


Price for share, pounds sterling.


If the price is not straightforward e.g. a 1/12th and a 1/24th share please state in simple English what is what.

If you have two shares and might want to split them your advert MUST be for ONE share ONLY, so NOT, by example, 2 x 12th but MUST be for 1 x 6th. ALL your weeks must then be allocated against your one shareholding in the bookings section below. Read more information on this

If you are in a fixed week scheme please read this page


Prices must be is £ sterling

Words like "Offers Considered" etc. if included here will be ignored.

If you are in a fixed week scheme please read this page

If your stake in the boat is fixed weeks is the price above per WEEK of for the entire holding?
Please state, in a nutshell, what weeks per year you presently get with the share you are selling.

By example: - My share entitles me to three (fixed) weeks, or I get three weeks plus options on a fourth/fifth, I get two "high season" weeks and one "low season" week....etc.

Do not state actual dates for this year, you do that further down.
On the page you are directed to after completing this form you will be told how to send any pictures.

Please just state here is you are going to send pictures.
Reason share offered for sale.
Be specific - it helps sales.
Weeks pre-booked in current year, (best to state year) that come with share. State actual dates, not just week numbers.

State week numbers also if yours is fixed week scheme.

Also give dates for weeks for the current year that you had that have gone, it helps as it gives people an idea what is "normal"

Adverts MUST show booked weeks
(More information and exceptions)
(Link opens new window)
IMPORTANT - School holiday share options

A number of schemes offer an option where a shareholder gets priority for school weeks. Sometimes this option is not fully taken up within the shareholders and therefore the status of a share can be "upgraded" going forward. e.g. where a contract allows for three shareholders to enjoy this option but actually only two presently have it.

Please answer the question opposite carefully

Running costs in current year (state year), including any management cost (if not yet known give reasonable estimate, explain how these would be paid if share bought say half way through the year) Unlimited typing space! If you want to write a lot why not type it in to a word document and cut and paste your comments here?
When you get to the payment page you will get three options.

One is to mail a cheque, another is to pay using PayPal, with a credit/debit card, or your PayPal account if you have one,  or paying by direct bank transfer to HSBC Bank.

Should you elect to use PayPal (say) and then change your mind don't worry, just send a cheque, or pay direct anyway!

Select the item here that says how you intend to pay for your advert, it helps.

By example if you say PayPal and it seems not to appear I will ask if you had an issue. If you say you are sending a cheque I will look out for it etc.


General Comments - this is where you can say how wonderful everything about your boat is in your opinion!!

Don't worry about the pictures of your boat - they are covered on the next page you go to (and a bit below!).

Please now use the box to the right to give any general information about the boat and your share you are selling. Don't worry if, on reflection, you do not like it, it can always be changed. There is no limit on the amount of words you use (within logical reason) but only a plain font will be used. No HTML (or JAVA etc.) please. 

Unlimited typing space, you can carry on outside the box.

PLEASE take 15 seconds read the "rules" about what you can and cannot write about your share and opinions here - it is important as all adverts are treated the same.

(Link opens new window)

If you want to write a lot why not type it in to a word document and cut and paste your comments here?

Now - to try to stop those pesky SPAMMERS type boatshare in the box opposite.

Box should contain word in red opposite


Just so you know -  you will be asked about using the existing pictures on any
previous advert, or changing any of them, later on and not on this form.


Nearly there....

Use the box opposite to pass over any comments regarding your advert that are NOT for inclusion on it.

Things like

"Can you removed the picture top left with the dog in the background"

"Can my advert not start for two weeks as I am going on holiday"

"Did you know the other share showing as for sale has actually been sold"

"I am selling a 1/6th share but would consider splitting it to 2 x 1/12th"


Finally, the legal stuff!!!


Please check the box to the right confirm that:-

You agree that: Any material submitted by you is your own, has not been copied off or taken from any other web site without permission (etc.), you agree that may retain it for future use in any way it sees fit and you hand over copyright to any pictures or words.

(Which means in a nutshell we may use YOUR pictures and words to sell other peoples shares in years to come if we feel it it still appropriate and up to date)

Click in the box
below please


Read this stuff - it is important!!

When you hit the submit button and you will move to a page requesting some pictures. Please note pictures must either be copyright free or taken by you, copyright of all pictures taken is deemed to be passed over to with them, pictures may be used in various places on the site in order to promote a share.

You will also get details of how you should send payment for your advert,
your advert will not appear or be written until you have paid for it.

The 12 months start once you have approved it, not from "today".
Should you fail to get back and approve it once written it may be published anyway, at my discretion.

Details of your share will be sent around our mailing list once the advert is live. This will be done ONCE ONLY for the duration of the advert. If you would like it to be circulated again a charge of £10 will be levied for each subsequent mail out.

Please note your advert is for 12 months or until your share(s) has sold. If we learn that shares have sold and an advert is still "live" it will be taken down. If a share subsequently comes up on the same boat then a further fee will be payable to put the advert/new share back up.

You agree that you are advertising YOUR stake in the boat only and your advert is not shared with anyone else. You should note that you cannot change contact details, share holding or pre-booked weeks shown on your advert for its duration, where the only exception is to show the following year's week reservations if appropriate.

Once your advert has been written then no refunds are offered under any circumstances, (as actually writing it is most of the work!).

NOTE NOTE NOTE - now and again people hit the submit button below and then get sent in to a "virtual black hole". 99% of the time I get the complete form with all the info.

Now click submit below