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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




Thank you for taking out an advert for your share for sale on

Obviously I hope that you will be contacting me very soon to tell me it has sold(!).

There are some things you can do to help this along, some of these concern this web site, others refer to external sites/magazines etc.

You might ask why I am sending you to advertise at an alternative location? Surely this cannot be in my best interests? Well, the way I see it is that I am here (and you have paid me) to help you sell your share, how this is done is of no consequence to me personally. I hope that if you sell your share via one of the other options I am going to suggest you will maybe think - "Well maybe the boatshare site did not actually sell it, but the advice did!!"

So here are some things to help you along.....

1) Read your advert. It may sound daft but the page is put together by a human being, mistakes can happen! Check for spelling errors and typos especially on the coloured buttons as the spell check cannot see them (see bolow)!

2) Check your listings are there. Your advert (or links to it) should show on Here and Here It is just possible that I have not put the links in as I should have......(If your boat is abroad then the final link will be from Here)

3) Do you like your advert? If not it is not too late to change it. Remember the more you tell the more you sell - why did you buy the share in the first place, what attracted you to it. Maybe you should include details of that? Try to stick to the facts about the boat in the top half of the advert. If your engine is a "Wonderful sounding slow revving Russell Newbury, pure bliss" to you it might be horrible to somebody else, so stick to Russell Newbury DM2 (or whatever) at the top of the advert, but below the share for sale section you can wax lyrical about the "wonderful sounding....." To change your advert just send an e-mail with the changes you want to make.

4) Place another advert on the free board on boatshare- I suggest you do not put the name of the boat in, and try to make it sound a little bit different to the one of the main advert. That way a potential buyer sees two different kinds of "bait" BUT ensure the price quoted IS the same.

I should now like to suggest a few further options to get your share exposed to a wider audience - and tell you that whilst these are third party sites, you advert on this site can help!

You can get a free advert in Towpath Talk (Towpath Trader) which is a monthly newspaper on the canals, and offered free, and they might have a shared ownership section.

You COULD try Gumtree of course, that is also free, but be warned you might attract possible time wasters off there...but I guess all interest could be good interest??

Another free option is to list your share for sale on boatshare finder ( ) but be warned if you advertise on there I cannot see a way of removing your advert if your share gets sold (and if anyone does please let me know!) AND they might ask you for a charitable "donation".

If you want to add a picture on either of the above you can use the ones hosted on here. Just go to your advert, click on the picture you want to use and look at the URL in the box at the top of your browser - that will link to it.

If you want to place an advert in a magazine like Canalboat or Waterways World then include in the advert the URL of your advert on here, so you only need to take out the smallest, cheapest advert to convey a lot of information (potentially) but remember not everyone has the Internet, so include your telephone number!!

I hope the above may help you sell your share, if you have any comments, or are aware of any places where adverts could be placed free and might not be covered above please let me know.

PLEASE beware of the scammers - boatshares are generally a safe place to be but when selling a high value item there ore occasional pitfalls to look out for - have a look here at ones to keep an eye out for.


Promoting your advert to the mailing list and my Twitter feed etc.

If your share is not generating the interest you would like then there are ways you can try to promote it, and I am happy to help (!).

If you want me to promote your advert out to my mailing list I would be pleased to do this but to stop people simply asking me to promote their share time and time again to the determent of other advertisers I make a small charge of £10 for this service. It is best if you can find a good thing regarding your share to "hang" on the e-mail, where, of course, a large price drop for a "quick sale" always gets attention!!.

If you wish to request this service best bet is to e-mail me at  and we can move it forward.





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