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Do you want to have, say, one week or two on a boat every year and then want to spend a couple of weeks in Spain, or America or whatever?

Would you find having to go every year a bit of a chore, but would love to go boating every OTHER year?

Can you ONLY go in, say, the autumn, due to work commitments, so owning a share would not work for you as you could not take your summer weeks?

The the answer is YES to any of the about, or any other similar scenarios then boatshare has the answer for you.....


Use the free classifieds section on boatshare to advertise for the right person you need to share a share with. Don't panic, they are not coming with you on your holidays, you just enter in to an agreement with them regarding who has the boat when.

By example. Mr Smith does not really want 4 weeks a year afloat, two is fine, so advertises for somebody to share the share with him, and along comes Mr Jones who feels the same. They elect to take a share in a boat where the weeks are drawn out of the hat and buy the share together with both their names on the ownership agreement. They agree that once the four weeks are chosen from the hat if they cannot agree between them who has what then they toss a coin until they each win two...(or whatever).

Another variation would be for Mr Smith to have the two summer weeks in year one, and the one winter week in year two on a boat where only three weeks are booked in advance, and then reversed the following year.

The list of how you arrange it between yourselves is endless............

Of course the owners of the boat would have to agree to this arrangement, but in truth it makes no difference to the group if the share is owned by one, or more than one owner, as the usage of the boat per share remains the same.

What are you waiting for - advertise for your boatshare pal and get boating.




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