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Type of scheme Private
Number of sharers 12
Year of construction 1993
Home mooring (2017) Swanley Bridge Marina, Llangollen Canal.
Length 62'
Engine Type Nanni Diesel v2203
Berths 4 + 4
Change over day each week Saturday
Are pets allowed Allowed
Is smoking allowed INSIDE the boat NOT Allowed
Booking System Four seasons are identified: Spring (Feb/May), Summer (June/Aug), Autumn (Sept/Oct) and Winter (Nov/Feb). Each owner is allocated one week in each season.

Each year a ballot takes place and each owner states their order of preference for the weeks in each season. Each owner has for each season an allocated preference order for that year from first to last. Each year that preference moves up until 1st then it drops to last the following year.

Weeks are then allocated according to the preferences and the order of priority. So the person in that season with first choice receives their first choice and the person with second choice receives their first choice if available or their second choice if not and so on.

After allocation owners can exchange weeks.

Priority for school holidays None other than cooperation between owners
General comments about the boat
Steel by SM Hudson, fit by Blue Haven.

At the rear is the driving platform, through doors to engine and storage compartment, through door to double bedroom with wash basin (mattress opens out at night), along passageway, on left first door is toilet/shower room, second door is twin bunk room, then enter dinette/lounge area, first comes the kitchen with fridge, cooker, sink, microwave and storage, then comes table/seating area that converts into a double bed, then lounge with settee which converts into a double bed then wood burning stove, TV and cabinet before double doors to front deck.

Pictures of the boat
Specific details for the share offered
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General Comments by vendor
This is a friendly, seasoned group of boaters who maintain the boat between them. Several members have taken leading roles to organise maintenance, ballot for weeks and twice yearly owners meetings. The present committee have been in place for a long time and perform an exemplary job of keeping the syndicate running smoothly and efficiently. At the bi-annual meetings items for maintenance are agreed between the owners and the moorings for the boat agreed.

The boat is usually moved every 18 months to two years to a new mooring by mutual consent. This gives a variety of boating. Members arrange between themselves if they wish to make a remote handover so that one owner can take the boat out in their week and the other owner bring it back in theirs. Otherwise owners do a round trip finishing back at the base.

The boat is warm and comfortable with plenty of equipment on board. There is a satellite TV, DVD player and a traditional wood burning stove as well as a gas boiler radiator heating system.

The boat is well maintained, for example last year the galley was refurbished in 2014 and the curtains, carpets, flooring and wall coverings replaced, and many other tasks carried out around the boat.

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