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This whole web site has moved to

If you are just looking in general please go to the new site
This site now just holds some OLD templates.




So how much does it cost to advertise by way of a banner?

A banner advert on boatshare is just 50 per annum. This can be used to advertise anything EXCEPT a share in a narrow boat for sale (where this page should be used). So if you are a boat management company looking to get new customers you can advertise, or if you are an upholsterer looking to get more work, or a painter....the list is endless.

These should show at random on every page. boatshare reserves the right to not put them on certain pages.

If you wish to buy an advert click on the link below, this will start a dialogue (although you can do the whole thing right here right now including paying).

I should like to buy a banner advert on this web site, I have my own web site you can link to.




For Long Term Rental

For Boat Sales

For Boat Sharing