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Advertising is available on this site and at VERY competitive rates. 


You can buy an advert, like that featured in the banner above, for only £50 pa. Your advert can be for anything you want (legal and clean!) and does not need to be boating related (as some already are not) and you can pay using PayPal or can be invoiced

Just click here for details and get started straight away

Sellers of a share in a boat.


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If you are a company selling wares and wish to target boat sharers then you may may advertise on this site by way of a linked advert on 

The cost for this is £50 per annum but here what is available is slightly different. Suppose you are a sign writer with no web site then  you can have and advert, but the link will be to your own page on (or if you have a site, to your own site, as you prefer.)

There is no charge for writing the page for you, but once written only limited changes will be allowed. By example, it the case of a sign writer there would be no charge to change, say the telephone number on the page, but if you wish to add a whole new portfolio of pictures then this would be charged. 











Paid share listing - £50.00 for a whole year including almost unlimited text and nine pictures hosted by us. You also get a unique URL you can use in other adverts - for example

So, for example, an advert in the classifieds of a magazine saying: -









Free share listing - using third party hosting, one picture allowed 90 days maximum copy


For a free listing of your share just click here and insert your advert.

Your advert MUST show an expiry date of 90 days (or less), any more and these will be removed without reference.

If you wish to show a picture of the boat you are selling then you will need to host this yourself on your own web space.

The board may also be used for selling any boating related items, or shares/boats wanted etc.










Paid share listing - just £50 for a whole year, including up to nine pictures.


One of the main areas we are keen to develop is the boat shares for sale page. This is available to all persons, be the boat share in a private scheme or a commercial operators scheme. 

Most commercial operators offer a brokerage service for you and charge a  commission, usually around 5% of the achieved sale price, some will waive the commission if you sell the share yourself, so you could advertise on here before "instructing" the operator and might have instant success and save money! 

Others will charge you the commission for changing the ownership of the share regardless of who sold it. Some are rumoured to operate a waiting list for selling shares, so that if there is more than one share for sale on a boat then they are sold "in order". offers you ways to sell your share regardless of the "small print". How? Read on.

Suppose your operator charges a fee regardless of who sells the share and you find a buyer? Well talk to the operator, or we will do it for you!! Most of them do not see selling second hand shares as way to make a living, they would be more than happy to keep the list of shares available down to a minimum as this means they can sell more profitable shares in new boats, and increase the overall size of the business. So make them an offer - do a deal! Equally the shorter the list of second hand shares available the better they look, this is why it is rumoured that some firms operate a waiting list before you can even offer your share for sale, it makes them look better!!

And now, of course, owners of shares in a private syndicate can now afford to advertise their share for sale and offer them in direct comparison to those in a commercial scheme.

So how does it work in practice?

Easy, just complete this form!

The details of the share for sale will appear on our "shares for sale" page, and be linked from the shared ownership craft and, for a limited period, paid adverts can also have a banner!!! .

The details of the share for sale may also be circulated around our mailing list, and those submitting information will be added to this list, so are able to check that this happens!

So how much does this cost? The charge is £50.00 for 12 months.

See Faq




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